Vidya - Education

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The presence of the NFLCs in the villages has enhanced the significance of education among the people. The people in the villages have come to view the NFLC as a place that provides learning opportunities as well as draws upon their individual aptitudes. Many parents now feel responsible for their children’s education and those families who migrate to the cities insist upon their children to attend the centers when they return to the villages. The teachers being residents of the village have developed a rapport and understanding with the children and have begun to involve other educated youth in the village in educating the village children.

The teachers have observed that the NFLCs have helped to increase the enthusiasm for learning among the children. The centers have induced the teachers of the formal schools to take greater interest in teaching for which they have been interacting with the Project Coordinator and teachers of the Vidya Programme’s.

The Vidya teachers have designed a curriculum that lays special emphasis on creating learning opportunities within the cultural context of the community.