Vidya - Education

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Future Prospects

The program hope to construct a Residential School with capacity of 200 adivasi girls with classrooms, faculty rooms, laboratories, computer rooms, sports area, assembly hall, and dormitories. It also aims at building a Training Centre to run its various short term training courses.

In the long-term, it is the goal to combine the 2 projects on health and education to have special education for adivasi children that are affected by the Sickle Cell disease. Furthermore, the awareness should be created among the teachers that non-formal education should be provided from the adivasi community to others in the community on a voluntary basis.

Possible Areas of Research

   A long term Action- Research Programme on imparting value based quality education in the adivasi context against the       external context of the withdrawal of the state.

   Various interventions in terms of technology transfer and the receptivity of the farming community in technology adoption to be       worked out with the other areas of the RC.

   A critical review of the educational intervention policy at the grassroots.

   An appraisal of the critical areas of relevant contextual and life supporting educational systems.

Possible Areas of Training

   Training for village based formal/ non-formal Institutions (Local Governance) - to initiate location specific, system oriented need-      base approach.

   Training for the officers of State educational Department to initiate a healthy process of a dialogue and better intervention.

   Training of Non Governmental / Voluntary Organisations for seeking community participation in development programme.


   Analytical process documentation

   Evaluation and Impact analysis reporting

Networking & Advocacy

    Networking of the stakeholders within the SAT Region through NGOs, VOs non-formal groups.

   Networking with like-minded organizations in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan Karnataka and other areas where some innovative       work in the field of education has been initiated.

Besides this, various opportunities viz. seminar, workshops could be used to address the need of such decentralized participatory approach of development.