Vidya - Education

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School Activities

•    Sports camps were organized in the DSCs villages for children in the months of April-June.

•    As part of Holi celebrations a folk festival was orgnised at Tejgadh on which teachers and children of the Vidya       programme made cultural presentations.

•    A group of 240 students from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology visited the Adivasi       Academy for a rural internship programme Part of the group submitted a paper on non formal education centres and the health       programme Prakriti.

Teacher Training

Teachers are being encouraged to be interested in and work on issues related to the adivasi community such as education, development, human rights, labor, etc. and link that to primary education as well as raise awareness among the parents and general population in the villages where the non-formal education centers are functioning. The teachers have participated in the following programmes:

•    One of the teachers participated in a three day workshop on “Constitution, State Policy and Politics: A Tribal Perspective held at      Ranchi from 26-28th April 2003.

•    Two teachers participated in a Fishery Training Programme at Dehradun.

•    Teachers were given training for micro-credit focusing on significance of savings, accounts-keeping, bank transactions, and SHG       management.

•    Since the beginning of June all teachers were having fortnightly meetings with Bhasha staff and Frauke Godat (AIESEC trainee       with a degree in Political Science and 6 years management experience in an NGO) discussing: contraints of the project,       project review, planning next steps, curriculum development, designing education material, and working on teaching       methodology.

•    Project Coordinators Vasant Rathwa and Rajendra Varia participated in a weeklong Training Programme on Disability:        Development, Education and Livelihoods organised by Sabala at Nagpur from 20th - 27th June 2003.

•    Researching training institutes to establish regular trainings for project staff in teaching methods, communication and        management skills.

Staff Involved

•    1 Coordinator: Responsible for developing the curriculum, arrange for training of project staff, holding meetings and providing        guidance.

•    5 Supervisors: One for each DSC, who monitor the schools running under their DSCs.

•    30 teachers: 6 for each DSC; who run the NFLCs.