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The periodical ‘Dhol’ may be described as a movement of letters by and for the adivasis in adivasi oral language. Through this movement ten languages that had existed only in the oral form have been given scripts. The folk literatures or the compilers of the oral literature who are also the editors of ‘Dhol’ are themselves from the respective tribes. ‘Dhol’ is not only a periodical. It is also a medium for intellectual and cultural exchange among adivasi communities.

The issues of this periodical carry information about various adivasi festivals, as well as the mantras chanted during the festivals, social customs of the adivasi tribes, their knowledge of indigenous medicine, their traditional system of justice and their various genres of oral literature. Information about important laws for adivasis and articles on various issues written by adivasi authors also form a part of Dhol. Discussions about several traditional customs and songs composed by the village labourers about unpaid labour, education and getting organized have also been produced here. Similarly in the context of their position and self-consciousness in the present age several scholars and thinkers have discussed the problems that have risen within and outside the adivasi communities.

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