Prakriti Health Project

Introduction  |  Objectives  |  Achievements  |  Future Plans


The healthcare programme has helped to create:

*  A team of committed doctors and nurses experienced in addressing the needs and challenges of rural healthcare. The      health programme is guided by Dr Kiran Singhlot, Chief Medical Officer of The M.S. University Health Centre at      Baroda.

*  General health awareness among adivasis.

*  Access to medical advice and medication.

*  A system to provide timely help in emergency cases.

A camp for physically challenged was held last year. In total 208 patients were treated, including 20 operations for polio, artificial limbs were distributed to 125 patients and 5 were provided with wheelchairs. Another two-day health camp was held in March 2005, which concentrated on eye problems. 1100 patients, who were identified through health surveys, came for the camp.

The healthcare programme has reached to interior adivasi areas where no medical units exist. People in adivasi areas of Vadodara district now have access to hospitals and other medical aid and are able to receive timely treatment.