The Academy started as a literary and cultural endeavor. The Academy introduced in 2000, a two year Diploma in Tribal Studies, with an informal curriculum geared to study and understand ‘how adivasis perceive the world’.

In a short span of seven years, the Academy’s activities have extended their scope to encompass all aspects of development concerning the tribal region in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Awakening, Participation and Empowerment are key concepts around which the Academy activities are organized. Training Programmes are conceived in the spirit of welding together the aesthetic and socio-economic dimensions of tribal life.

The Academy has successfully initiated several projects in various sectors of non-formal education, healthcare, micro-finance and modernizing agriculture.

The Academy aims at building a new outlook to development by underlining tribal values of self-reliance, self-confidence, hard work and building capabilities to survive against all odds by rescuing their dignity and respecting their cultural heritage through festivals, organizing cultural performances, theatre, songs, dances, rituals, documenting folklore and promoting modernizing tools in their languages.