Getting There

The tribal village of Tejgadh is situated 90 kms east of Vadodara city in the state of Gujarat, India. Nestled between the Bodeli and Chhotaudepur towns, Tejghad lies on the main highway connecting them. The Adivasi Academy is located half a kilometer from the village market, Limdi Bazaar on the Tejgadh Zoz Road, at the foothills of Koraj Hill. From the Academy one can oversee the great expanse of land spreading from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra populated by clusters of tribals, identified as Bhils and speaking varieties of the Bhili language belonging to the Indo-Aryan family.

Tejgadh and Vadodara are well-connected by road. There are two routes connecting Tejgadh to Vadodara.

One can take private buses plying on the Chhotaudepur route, from Kirtistambh in Vadodara to reach Tejgadh via Dabhoi, Bodeli and Pavijetpur.

Alternately travel along the Vadodara Halol Highway via Champaner, Pavagadh, Shivrajpur, Jambughoda,Bodeli (where the road joins the Chhotaudepur highway) and Pavijetpur to reach the Academy.