Fellowship Program

The Adivasi Academy aims at promoting an integrated thrust to the studies and activities related to tribal identity and empowerment. Research programmes at the Academy are directed to encourage documentation, field studies and surveys to stimulate a critical assessment of ‘conventional’ development paradigms that are guided by a consumerist approach and to work for innovative solutions.

With this aim, the Academy offers Fellowships under the following categories :

Post Doctoral Fellowships
Post Doctoral Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have completed their Doctorate or submitted their Ph.D. thesis. The tenure of the Fellowship is for a year during which Fellows are required to reside at the campus of the Adivasi Academy and participate in teaching programmes alongwith their research work.

Senior Post Doctoral Fellowships
These are awarded to established overseas academic specialists as well as Indian scholars holding a rank of Professor at a University or eminent artists of national repute. The tenure of this Fellowship will be a minimum of three months and maximum of six months. Fellows are expected to stay at Tejgadh or Vadodara for the duration of the Fellowship and will be required to provide directions to various academic programmes of the Adivasi Academy and supervision to younger researchers associated with the Academy.

Post Doctoral Publication Fellowships
Fellowships under this category are awarded for book writing projects which the Fellows can hold simultaneously with their present employment elsewhere. However, Fellows are expected to offer courses to students at the Academy for a period of eight to ten weeks. A Fellow under this category is expected to have produced at least one book from a reputed publishing house or five research articles in reputed or refered journals. The award period is upto a year. The Fellows will be expected to acknowledge the grant of Fellowship in the publication resulting from their work.