Introduction  |  Objectives  |  Achievements  |  Future Plans


Economic and social empowerment of adivasis, migratory adivasi laborers and adivasi women in approximately 60 villages in the region.

To reduce and eliminate the dependence of adivasis on private money lenders.

To create their own credit-worthiness for microfinance requirements.

To increase self reliance of adivasis and to involve them in community development work.

To create easy access for adivasis to information related to development schemes and modernization of agriculture.

To create livelihood opportunities for nomadic people in Gujarat.

To train members of adivasi self help groups for achieving the above objectives and to set up Development Service Centres for employment generation and for spreading developmental activities of Bhasha in a larger area.

To encourage self help groups and to monitor their operations as well as to work as Information Resource Centres.