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In order to sustain rural economy and social structures by reducing dependency on private money lenders whose charge interest rates ranging between 60 to 120 per cent, checking outward migration and creating livelihood opportunities using local and traditional resources, the Academy has set up the Micro Finance and Micro Enterprise Programmes.

Initiated in 1999, the micro finance network presently has 650 self help groups with 7400 subscribers in 317 villages with a capital of Rs 39,50,000. After a systematic gradation of the micro finance SHGs, a Micro finance Federation has been formed for the more enterprising and regular groups. Presently, the Federation has 160 SHG members.

By 2007, the center plans to extend this network to 2000 self help groups covering the entire adivasi belt of Gujarat with a view to draw on self help groups as agents for sustaining adivasi society keeping in perspective the effects of globalization, technological changes and political developments.