Chotro Labour Union

Introduction  |  Objectives  |  Achievements  |  Future Plans


A cultural mela of adivasis and denotified and nomadic communities is held at Kaleshwari in Panchmahals on the day of Mahashivratri every year. Nearly 10000 people participate in the mela where they present plays, songs and folkdance. The mela, instituted by Bhasha has become a cultural platform for the adivasi and nomadic groups of Gujarat.

All attention of the Chotro forum was focused during the months covered under this report on the alienation of forest land cultivated by adivasi farmers who constitute the migratory labour force. More than twenty village level meetings were held in order to explain the legal implications of the Forest Departments policies. Similarly, weekly meetings in the haats (town markets) were held at Panvad, Chhotaudepur, Zoz, Kanwant etc. Bhasha organises a sensitization rally to Dandi, a place related with the freedom struggle on 1st May(International Labour Day) every year.

A massive meeting attended by 1200 representatives from 300 villages was held in Baroda on 5th June after which the adivasi farmers present took out a procession through the main streets of Baroda. This campaign is ongoing, and considering its importance for the livelihood is likely to intensify in coming months with serious implications for the adivasi self awareness and the adivasi quest for rights. The organization has helped achieve the following:

1.    Freedom from indebtedness to private moneylenders

2.    Improvement in literacy

3.    Reduction in outward migration

4.    Development of agriculture and livelihood support

5.    Accessibility to healthcare

6.    Greater self confidence and self reliance