The Academy has a firm commitment to bringing about a significant social transformation. With this view in mind, the Academy has made several social interventions for spread of education, improving health care and providing livelihood support. The work is spread over 1300 villages (95,000 families) at present in tribal districts of Gujarat. The projects undertaken include:
  • Prakriti - Healthcare
  • Vidya - Education
  • Chotro - Labour
  • Micro-Credit
  • Of these activities, Prakriti operates a full-scale clinic at the Academy with a full time doctor. The clinic provides free healthcare on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Vasantshala, a non-formal residential school was set up for children from migratory families on the Academy’s campus in addition to village based education centres. Vasantshala was created with the purpose of providing adivasi children from migrating families who have been either been pushed out or have missed going to school, an opportunity to reintegrate with the formal schools. During the past three years of its existence, Vasantshala has been an extremely successful experiment in non-formal education for adivasi children. The residential school now has fifty children. The Academy continues to run bridge schools for adivasi children in the villages under its ‘Vidya’ programme.