AYUSH Ayurved Intervention

In 2015, Bhasha was invited by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, to do a pilot project on Ayurved intervention in the Chhotaudepur district. In this three year project, Bhasha aims to propagate Ayurveda along with the Adivasis’ traditional plant based medicinal practices as a strategy for health care management.

Under the project, the Adivasi Academy has established an Ayurved centre at its campus.

For Bhasha Centre, Ayush and Prakriti are not parallel systems; the endeavour is that the two approaches complement each other. The doctors decide whether the patient’s complaint would be more amenable to allopathic or ayurvedic; the patients’ too have the choice to decide which system of medicine they wish to opt for.

The Ayurved Clinic has a full-time OPD.

Under the project, Bhasha has conducted four workshops with traditional healers and collaborated with Tata Steel for Samvad on the theme of traditional medicinal practices.

Awareness material on ayurveda is prepared and disseminated promote use of local medicines. An ayurved laboration has been started to prepare local formulations which have proved to be successful in treatment, with community participation.

A herbal garden is created on the campus of the Adivasi Academy as a laboratory for experimentation as well as for sensitization.

To reach out to local government teachers in healthcare, orientation workshops are held to sensitise them about ayurved and how they can play a role in improving the well-being of children in their schools as well as enhancing their knowledge of local environment.