Presently, the Adivasi Academy is being led by its Honorary Director, Prof. Kanji Patel, with the advice of the Bhasha Centre’s Board of Trustees and the support of the following Offices and Committees:

  1. Honorary Director: Prof. Kanji Patel
  2. Resident Deputy Director: Dr. Arvind Pratap Kumar
  3. Public Relations Officer: Shri Nagin J. Rathva
  4. Academic Coordinator, to regulate and administer institutional collaborations, academic visits and fellowship programme
  5. Museum Curator, to maintain and enhance the museum activities and holdings
  6. Librarian and staff, to maintain and promote the Library
  7. Publication staff, to undertake publication projects
  8. Community Researchers, to carry out trainings, research, surveys and documentation
  9. Allopathic and Ayurveda Doctors and paramedical team to promote community well-being
  10. Education Co-ordinator and Resident para-teachers to lead the Mother Tongue and Multilingual Training Centre
  11. Garden and Plantation Supervisor
  12. Technical and Maintenance Supervisor
  13. Security Staff Supervisor
  14. Canteen in charge
  15. Campus sanitation staff

  1. Fellowship Committee, defines and administers the fellowship programmes of the Academy. This committee decides on research fellows and interns and the projects undertaken by them.
  2. Finance Committee, to decide on funding and budgets
  3. Library Committee, to select and procure new titles and journals and decide about digitization and library networking
  4. Purchase Committee, of the Bhasha Centre, which supervises the handling of funds received from donors for acquiring specific equipment
  5. Appointment Committee, of Bhasha Centre, makes staff appointments
  6. Campus Development and maintenance Committee, oversees the needs and maintenance of the campus
  7. Grievance (Women and Child Protection) Committee, ensures safe environment within the organisation and looks into any complaints received
  8. Information Technology and Equipment Committee, looks into maintenance of existing technical equipment and its upgradation