Fellowships, Internships and Exposure Visits

The Adivasi Academy encourages students and scholars to take up research in the area of Tribal Studies. Research programmes at the Academy are directed to encourage documentation, field studies and surveys to stimulate a critical assessment of ‘conventional’ development paradigms that are guided by a consumerist approach and to work for innovative solutions.

Undergraduate and post graduate students from colleges and universities, NGO groups and school children visit the Adivasi Academy for gaining exposure to Adivasi culture. Research scholars come for short and long duration of upto a year for reference work at the library and field studies.

During 2015-16, the Adivasi Academy hosted Ms. Denisa Uhliarová from the Institute of Oriental Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia was affiliated with the Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh as part of her doctoral work on the Rathwa Bhils during 2015-16.

Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari with a team of 15 scholars visited the Adivasi Academy for a research orientation workshop on 5 May 2016

Ms. Yugishtha Shrivastava, a second year graduate of the Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication, Symbiosis International University interned with Bhasha Centre from 9 May to 20th June 2016

The National Education Group visited the Adivasi Academy for discussions on Multilingual Education on 20 September 2015

A group of ten students and faculty members from MICA came for a Rural Internship Programme to the Adivasi Academy from 26 September to 2 October 2016

A group of ten students from the Aditya Birla World Academy visited the Academy from 7-10 October 2016 for their project work on indigenous issues.

A hundred students from Yog Niketan came for an exposure trip on 25 December 2016.

60 students from the Alembic CSR Foundation visited Tejgadh for understanding of Adivasi society and culture on 4 January 2017,

Those wishing to affiliate with or visit the Adivasi Academy may write to Academic Co-ordinator, Adivasi Academy, at bhasharesearch@gmail.com.