Child Friendly School and Child Protection

Bhasha Centre is working along with UNICEF in 133 villages of Kawant block in Chhotaudepur district to promote child friendly schools to aid retention and to strengthen child protection mechanisms laid by the government. The project endeavours to provide quality education and a protective environment to children and aid the Right to Education Act.

Under the project, School Management Committees and Child Protection Committees are provided trainings in role and management of the committees in child welfare.

School Development Plans and Child Protection Plans are prepared for each village and being implemented by the respective committees.

Child Friendly Schools and Systems are being implement through the School Management Committees and other stakeholders.

Following surveys of out-of-school children, they are enrolled to government schools. Migrating children are provided with migration cards.

Adoloscent Girls Groups are formed to reduce the prevalence of child marriages.

Children’s issues are identified resolved through active participation of various stakeholders.